Antiques Show Dealer Repairs Woodlawn Barometer

Woodlawn was in luck this year when John Forster, owner of Barometer Fair from Sarasota, Florida participated in the Ellsworth Antiques Show.  Forster specializes in barometer restoration and repair and was able to bring Woodlawn’s signed Bapa(tiste) Ronchetti barometer back to working order. He completed the repairs during the Show and the barometer was promptly returned to the wall just outside John Black’s office on the main floor of the Black House.

Ronchetti was an Italian barometer maker who moved to Manchester England in 1785. He was a prolific producer of high quality instruments from 1785 to 1810. In his work summary, Forster noted Woodlawn’s barometer is a four dial, mahogany veneered pine instrument with parts dating to 1790 and some dated 1835. He also noted that it has an unusual hygrometer not often seen on early barometers.

Barometer Fair is the trade name for John Forster, who has been buying, selling and restoring antique barometers since 1979.  Forster also does appraisals and has a most interesting collection of corkscrews and globes. To learn more about his business and areas of expertise, visit