Croquet at Woodlawn

Croquet Court

Croquet at Woodlawn

Woodlawn’s croquet court (85 feet by 105 feet) is Maine’s only tournament sized croquet court. It is open for play from May until October. Although six-wicket croquet is the primary game played at Woodlawn, other games such as nine-wicket and golf croquet, are also played. A variety of other programs and instruction for both seasoned and new players are offered during the season. Regular play on the court is available to the public through a yearly fee or on a play per game basis. Fees include the equipment needed to play. United Sates Croquet Association Members are welcome.

Woodlawn Mini Lobster Croquet Tournament The Woodlawn Croquet Players hold several popular tournaments annually.

The Woodlawn Invitational Croquet Tournament, normally held in June, is a six wicket USCA sanctioned tournament with three days of block play. More details coming for the 2022 season. 

Golf Croquet Double Tournament is being planned for August 2022. More details to come. 

The Woodlawn Mini Lobster Tournament is normally in September and offers five days of spirited croquet play on the coast of Maine that include a unique blend of six and nine wicket competition on several different courts in the area. The tournaments routinely draw players from around the country and Canada for this tournament. Details for the 2022 tournament will be available soon.