Gong Immersion Rescheduled

Ellsworth –  Cancelled by rain, we have rescheduled the Gong Bath Immersion for Oct 8.  It will be at Woodlawn grounds, from the Forest Ridge Stage, beginning at 1:00 pm for just over an hour.  Please bring something comfortable to lie on, such as a blanket or yoga mat and a blanket to keep off the chill.  This is a truly wonderful experience.  It is free with donations for Woodlawn gratefully accepted.

Jim Doble is a musical instrument creator and Sound Therapist who will create waves of sound to help participants sonically cleanse, rejuvenate, rest, and recuperate. He has been spreading good vibrations around the globe for nearly 30 years. In the last several years, Doble has collected and made a variety of large gongs and other instruments for use in group Sound “Baths.”

If it is again raining, please watch our social media page – we will be hosted at Steamy Buddha, 50 Church St, at the same time.