School Programs at Woodlawn

Enriching educational opportunity for every grade

Woodlawn welcomes school groups and the opportunity to educate students about the rich heritage of the Downeast Region. As students tour the grounds and the 19th century house with its original interior and collections, they can experience life in the 1800s while learning about the important role the Black family played in the development of Maine.

Woodlawn staff will work with teachers to make a tour of Woodlawn appropriate to the specific needs of students and to meet the requirements of the Maine Learning Results. All age groups are welcome. Woodlawn offers several thematic programs developed with the help of local teachers, in addition to a Spring Field Day for 7th & 8th graders focusing on innovation, and a Fall Field Day for 5th & 6th graders focusing on history, apples and soil science. With its original furnishing, extensive art collection, and 180 acres with gardens and trails, Woodlawn is an important educational resource for teachers.



Watch our Woodlawn School Program video, click here.

Call Woodlawn at (207) 667-8671 for questions and to schedule your tour.