Testimonials for Carriage Barn Preservation Project

Woodlawn is gem. The proposed expansion will only enhance the many ways that the community can enjoy this valuable resource and still preserve its unique historic status. We can’t wait.

Charlie Alexander, Tim McCormick / Ellsworth community members

The preservation of the Carriage Barn at Woodlawn is the biggest project at the estate since it was built in 1827. This is a forward step for the wonderful Black House and its tract of land. This project secures the fact that this property, its house and buildings will remain an integral part of our City.

Ruth Foster / Business owner in downtown Ellsworth, former State Senator, former president of the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations

Woodlawn is a treasure! No other house museum in America has such an untouched history of one family over so many years. It’s a great resource for Hancock County’s school children and the reconstructed barn will add immensely to its capabilities.

Dr. William J. Murtagh / First Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places

The challenge facing every house museum is how to bring first-timers back. The proposed reconstructed barn at Woodlawn will do this and more by offering school children and their parents programs, performances, and exhibitions that touch all the arts.

Raymond P. Rhinehart / Penobscot resident and at the American Institute of Architects

Woodlawn Museum and grounds are truly one of Ellsworth’s jewels. To add needed year-round education, exhibition and event space will not only bring Woodlawn growth and prestige, but certainly add to our City as a destination for arts, culture and more.

Gretchen Wilson / Executive Director, Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce

The experiences that Woodlawn provides our students enriches their education, while building a strong connection to our community. We so appreciate Woodlawn opening its grounds and providing hands-on learning opportunities in the fall and spring. The prospect of accessing Woodlawn as a year round educational facility will allow more students to take advantage of this valuable cultural resource. We look forward to the to seeing this project come to fruition.

James Newett / Principal, Ellsworth Middle School

The construction of an education, exhibition and community gathering space at Woodlawn is a direct example of the many amazing projects happening in Ellsworth. This multi-function space will enhance Woodlawn’s work with area students, increase awareness of Ellsworth as an artistic and cultural hub in the region, and make a significant impact on the quality of life in our community.

Cara Romano / Executive Director, Heart of Ellsworth

Through the vision of the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations, Woodlawn became a museum for the benefit of all in our community in 1929. This project to preserve and enhance the Carriage Barn will be transformational for advancing the mission of Woodlawn. At the present time, each of us has the opportunity to help make this project a reality.

Jack Frost / Director of Charitable Giving, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust and Ellsworth resident

I was very excited to hear about the extraordinary plans for the Woodlawn Museum. .Already one of the most important assets to the Ellsworth Community, this proposal will give unlimited opportunity for more terrific events and exhibit space. The proposal seamlessly enhances and preserves the existing property, and the reimagined barn and outbuildings will work perfectly in its historic surroundings.

Peter Lione / Ellsworth resident

The New Carriage Barn gives Woodlawn the ability to create educational and interactive “happenings”. It gives Woodlawn additional opportunities to be a significant, national historical site with the ability to hold conferences and engaging events that communicate the story of the Black family, Ellsworth and Maine on a national and international level.

As the new Executive Director at The Grand and new resident of Ellsworth, I am already a fan of the Black House and the Woodlawn properties. It is rich with history. The Carriage Barn project makes me excited about the great partnership possibilities between The Grand and Woodlawn.

Nick Turner / Executive Director of the Grand and Ellsworth resident

I was recently introduced to Woodlawn Museum, and I will tell you, WOW!! This is a hidden jewel within our downeast community! What an amazing place…without a doubt, the most preserved snapshot of time in this area! I am so excited for the Carriage Barn Preservation Project and what it will mean for our downeast community, and to everyone who visits! Go go go!

Tony Murray / Senior Sales Associate at Stanley Subaru and Lamoine resident

As a community member, business owner and past HCTPR board member, I enthusiastically support the project at Woodlawn Museum. This expansion will help to drive economic growth in the greater Ellsworth community by providing space for cultural, educational and social events. These events will bring hundreds of people to our area throughout the year. And, these people will shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants and stay in the area’s lodging.

Having grown up enjoying “The Black House”, I am grateful for the restoration that has taken place over the past few decades and for the current project slated to start soon, this ensures that Woodlawn, a national treasure, will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Teri Sargent Smith / Sargent Real Estate and Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations Emeritus Trustee

Woodlawn is such an important part of Ellsworth’s history and culture. The plans to replicate the old barn in a way that will expand exhibits, event space, and broaden educational opportunities for local students will enrich our community and continue to build a strong bond with generations to come.

Chelsea Sawyer / Branch Relationship Manager at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust and Ellsworth resident

I am excited about Woodlawn’s plans to revitalize the estate’s carriage barn as a year round community and education space. The blend of educational, cultural and business events make this a project that will truly enrich our entire community for years to come. I am grateful that Woodlawn has considered the communities needs and look forward to attending many events, workshops and meetings in the revitalized carriage barn.

Kelly Cochrane / V.P. of Operations at Cadillac Mountain Sports, president of Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, and Ellsworth resident

This exciting project will enhance the educational experience for our area students and provide space for programs that will be utilized by people of all age groups.  The project also includes an endowment which will preserve the museum and its grounds for future generations to enjoy.  We are fortunate to have a world class croquet lawn on the Woodlawn grounds and the Carriage Barn Preservation Project will be a great addition to the Woodlawn Croquet Program which draws players from all over the United States to its croquet tournaments.

Perry Mattson / Surry resident, member of the Woodlawn Croquet Program

As a life time resident and educator for 31 years in Ellsworth, I can’t say enough about the value Woodlawn brings to our community.  As a recent graduate of the Woodlawn Teachers Institute, I am able to enrich my students’ learning as well as connect them to the history of Ellsworth. Whenever you provide hands on learning you are opening young minds to an in-depth learning experience. The preservation of the Carriage Barn will afford even more opportunities for the next generation to learn and become immersed in the history of Ellsworth. With the new Carriage Barn, the opportunities for involving the students of Ellsworth and Hancock County grows.  It is exciting to think of future generations having the expanded opportunities this new facility will provide and to be a part of the quality learning experiences that Woodlawn provides.

Mary Jordan Martel / Grade 5 Teacher, Ellsworth Elementary/Middle School

“Woodlawn, including the land, building, furniture, and pictures therein shall be kept as a public park.” – George Nixon Black, Jr.

Whenever I visit Woodlawn, I just know that Mr. Black is smiling! As forward thinking as he was in creating this legacy to three generations of his family, Mr. Black could never have envisioned that his estate would become a true Down East Maine destination. This exciting preservation and expansion of the carriage barn further guarantees that Woodlawn will continue to thrive as a viable year-round cultural, educational and event space. And by welcoming more visitors, Woodlawn invites more commerce to Ellsworth, which is a win-win for all involved. My compliments to Executive Director, Josh Torrance and Woodlawn’s forward-thinking Board of Trustees for taking on this challenge.

Natalie Knox / Co-owner Star 97.7 and Emeritus HCTPR Trustee