Woodlawn, A Look Within A New Publication on Woodlawn

A frequently asked question by visitors to Woodlawn is if there is a book that tells the story of this historic estate.   After several years in development, Woodlawn is pleased to announce that Woodlawn, A Look Within is now available in the museum gift shop and by mail order.

This colorful, informative book was produced and edited by Woodlawn’s Executive Director, Joshua Torrance.  The book opens with a brief family history and an introduction to George Nixon Black, Jr. who was the last owner of the estate and the one who gave the property to the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations to be kept as a public park. It then takes the reader on a room to room tour through the Black House with descriptions and interesting historical facts on the many unique objects in the collection.

The text is enhanced with exquisite photographs taken by Walter Smalling, Jr. a professional photographer specializing in historic architecture. Smalling has a BA in fine arts, art history, and design and was the photographer for the National Park Service for nine years.  He began painting seriously about two years ago and splits his time between photography and painting, working from Washington, D.C. and Penobscot, Maine. Walter also serves as a Woodlawn Trustee.

To order a copy of the book, call (207) 667-8671 or email  Woodlawn.