Woodlawn Director Assumes Leadership Role With American Association for State and Local History

Woodlawn’s executive director, Joshua Campbell Torrance, was appointed to serve as Chair of the Historic House Committee for the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) at its 2016 annual meeting held in Detroit, Michigan in September.

The mission of AASLH’s Historic House Museum Committee is to provide advice and direction for the development of programs and services that benefit historic house museums in the United States; and to ensure that AASLH’s programs and services for these organizations are high quality, address identified needs of the membership, and reflect current issues and thinking in the field.

Torrance, a member of AASLH since 2011, commented, “It is an honor to serve AASLH in this capacity and to work closely with other committee members from across the United States. The connection allows me to network and gain valuable information from the field on current trends, best practices, and pressing issues in historic house museums.  This is very helpful in my day to day work at Woodlawn.”

AASLH is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and has over 6,300 members.  Torrance was also elected by the members of AASLH to serve on the Leadership Council.